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Honda Activa (HT Auto photo)

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3 out of 5
Ruling like a regal monarch in a hotly contested two-wheeler segment in India requires a whole lot of poise and character. And the Activa from Honda has had ample doses of both. Since its launch about 20 years ago, the enormously popular scooter has been a firm favourite and in its latest version, is determined to keep the crown firmly in grasp.The sixth-generation Activa, launched by Honda Motor Company recently, promises to give riders an even more comfortable ride, better fuel economy and, according to the company, poise and character to set a new benchmark in the two-wheeler market.Not much has changed in the looks department of the new Activa but what has is noteworthy It continues to have the same frame as its predecessors but what makes it stand out is a metal frame that has replaced plastic and fibre elements The metal body adds to the strength, making the vehicle more durable and generously adding shine to the body Cosmetic changes include a huge chrome garnish at the front while the LED headlights with DRL strips add to the visual appealHonda has replaced the front wheel with a bigger 12-inch tyre to give the Activa a bolder road presence The rear wheel continues to be the familiar 10-incherAs always, the 110 cc engine is peppy and packed with power Now, however, it gives the Activa better pickup and carries through the mid-range nicely But the speed maxes out at 80 kmph, though the speedometer has markings till above 100 kmphThe biggest change that Honda has introduced in the new Activa is that it now starts silently The ACG motor gives the vehicle a jump-free start The technology has been patented by Honda and comes as a nice addition to a vehicle used by scores of commuters in the country Read More