Harley Davidson Softail

Harley Davidson Softail (HT Auto photo)

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Harley Davidson Softail Price List, Specifications and Features


₹ 18 Lakhs

Harley Davidson Softail
Expert Review

3 out of 5
In 2017, Harley-Davidson merged the Dyna and Softail lines of bikes into one big Softail family. It was a bold move - one that die-hard Dyna fans still haven't fully gotten over (and probably never will). However, the bigger talking point with the new Softails is the brave design direction some of the iconic models have taken. Now Harley had to be extra careful here, considering how few other motorcycle brands are as driven by heritage as this one. So, while some models (like the new Fat Bob and Fat Boy) went funky and futuristic, others kept the original design brief, essentially to not scare away the brand's traditionalist customer base. The Deluxe belongs to the latter.The Deluxe stands out in the Harley Softail line-up as a classic retro-themed machine, through and through. It achieves this identity with enough chrome to cover a football field, 16-inch wire-spoke wheels and lovely white-walled Harley-Davidson-branded tyres by Dunlop. The large LED headlamp flanked by two smaller auxiliary LED lights grabs immediate attention, but there are some lovely details to soak in on a closer inspection. The angular indicator holders at the front and rear, for instance; or the chrome garnish on the edges of both fenders. All of this is delectably offset by the Electric Blue paint scheme (this bike is an attention super-magnet!), but there are four other colours available, if the blue is too flashy for your taste.The view from the rider's view point is equally special Chrome glints in your peripheral vision from the dual fuel caps (the left one is decorative), the pull-back handlebar, the shiny instrument cluster housing and the top circumference of the three lamps The Deluxe ships with a low (just 675mm high) scooped-out single seat, but as it is with nearly all Harleys, an optional pillion seat can be added Read More