How to drive in snow: Important tips

  • Following a few good driving practices can make the task easier for drivers in harsh winter conditions.
Driving in a snowy weather condition is tricky for even the experienced drivers. (AP)
Driving in a snowy weather condition is tricky for even the experienced drivers.

Driving in snowy weather conditions can be a challenging task for drivers. Snowfall and fog significantly reduce the visibility for the drivers, while the snow melted on the ground makes the roads greasy, posing a serious challenge for the drivers. The overall harsh climatic conditions in the winter season test the driving skills of even a seasoned driver. This requires the driver to remain extra vigilant and cautious while driving under challenging winter road conditions.

Such harsh weather conditions combined with dangerous or poor driving habits and flouting traffic norms could result in fatal road accidents. In India, especially in the extreme northern and northeastern regions, the harsh winter conditions, including snowfall, and heavy fog, cause difficulties for drivers every year.

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Here are the top tips that would help you to stay safe on the road and avoid the possibility of any mishap while driving in snow and harsh winter conditions.

Turn on indicators

Always ensure you make yourself visible using the lights that come as stock equipment and additional ones you added to the vehicle. Those lights are there for a reason and not just to add style to the car. While driving in snowy weather, ensure you always turn on the directional indicators before turning left or right. This will make your vehicle and its moves visible to the other drivers, who are coming from behind and from the opposite direction as well. Keep the hazard lights always on so the other drivers can understand your vehicle's dimensions and drive accordingly. In snowy weather, it is extremely important to make yourself visible as much as possible.

Avoid overspeeding

Driving at high speed is surely a thrilling sensation for any driver, but it could be fatal in snowy weather when the road is greasy and visibility is low. Overspeeding in such conditions would not only put yourself and your co-passengers at risk but pose a threat to other vehicles on the road as well. This is one of the reasons behind pileups on national highways. Even if driving at high speed is okay in clear weather and clear road conditions, this stunt in winter is a strict no. Low visibility, foggy and snowy conditions, and greasy roads altogether pose a deadly combination for a driver, and overspeeding in such situation simply increases the risk of a fatal accident. Hence, refrain from aggressive acceleration.

Keep headlights on low-beam

Ensure your car's headlights are on low beams while driving in snowy weather. It may seem a good idea to use high beams, but in reality, it does the opposite. The high beam reflects the fog and snowy weather and further reduces visibility. Besides that, driving with the headlights on high beams create a lot of visual discomfort for the oncoming drivers. It can be dangerous for them as they get suddenly blinded by the high-intensity high-beams of headlights. You should ensure that the safety protocols you are following in winter are holistic and ensure other drivers' safety.

Maintain lane driving

Switching lanes abruptly on highways is not recommended anytime, even in clear weather. In winter, that is a strict no, as it could be menacing on a greasy and snowy road. Always make sure you stick to a single lane while driving in a snowy condition with limited visibility. A sudden lane change can startle other drivers, leaving very little reaction time for them. This could result in fatal collisions. Also, always avoid overtaking and overspeeding on slippery roads in snowy weather.

Defrost windows and windshield

Make sure you keep the windows and windshield of the vehicle defrosted. Ensure you clean them inside and out regularly to get optimum visibility while driving. The windshield and windows get fogged up in winter, and snow gets deposited on the windshield, reducing visibility. Use the wipers to clean the windshield and defrost the glass windows and windshield. Another way to immediately get rid of fogged-up windshields is to let the fresh dry air inside the cabin by lowering the windows for a white.

Stay alert while driving

Snowy road conditions pose a risk of skidding. Such a mishap could result in a fatal accident. While driving in snowy weather conditions, make sure to stay alert and keep your eyes and attention on the road. This will help the driver to keep the vehicle's wheel pointed towards the intended path. Also, stay alert about the surroundings and maintain adequate distance between your car and other vehicles in front and at the sides.

How to drive in snow
Step 1 :

Turn on indicators

Step 2 :

Avoid overspeeding

Step 3 :

Keep headlights on low-beam

Step 4 :

Maintain lane driving

Step 5 :

Defrost windows and windshield

Step 6 :

Stay alert while driving

Step 7 :

Use wiper to keep windshield clean

First Published Date: 25 Dec 2022, 15:43 PM IST

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