How to drive safely in foggy weather: Key tips

Every year during winter, foggy weather becomes a problem for drivers across India. Especially the regions like northern India, along with northeast zones, witness dense fog, which often results in severe road accidents, leading to car pileups, fatalities and severe injuries to many. The majority of these road accidents take place on national highways, where vehicles run at high speeds, and visibility remains low due to the fog. However, following some important tips can prevent such incidents from taking place.

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| Updated on: 20 Dec 2022, 15:02 PM
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Foggy weather reduces visibility for the drivers resulting in increased risk of accidents.
Foggy weather reduces visibility for the drivers resulting in increased risk of accidents.
Foggy weather reduces visibility for the drivers resulting in increased risk of accidents.
Foggy weather reduces visibility for the drivers resulting in increased risk of accidents.

If you have to drive in foggy weather, especially on a highway, it is always recommended to follow some important tips. These include driving slowly and carefully, keeping the car's lights on, maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you, sticking to the dedicated lane and not overtaking, among others. Here are some key tips to follow that could help you avoid a mishap while driving in foggy weather.

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Avoid speeding and overtaking in foggy weather

If you are driving in a dense foggy environment, keep patience. That is the key to avoiding any mishap. Don't try to overspeeding and avoid overtaking as well. A light foot on the accelerator and smooth braking is also recommended to ensure the vehicles behind you get enough time for deceleration and braking.

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Maintain a safe distance in fog

While driving in foggy weather, ensure you keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. Low visibility becomes a major concern for drivers during foggy weather in winter. Make sure you keep enough distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. This will allow you enough time for braking if required. A small gap between the vehicles can be fatal if the vehicles ahead apply emergency braking. This is one of the major reasons behind the car pileups that occur every year on highways during winter.

Stick to lane driving while driving through fog

It is very important to keep lanes while driving through fog. A sudden shift in lanes on a highway can result in collision with other vehicles, which can be fatal considering the high speeds of vehicles. Ensure you follow the lane marking on highways when the visibility is poor. This will ensure you are on a steady course and not veering off. Also, make sure you follow the road markings.

Use lights to make yourself visible

Make sure your vehicle is visible to others, for both the same direction traffic and the vehicles coming from the opposite direction. Turn on the headlamps and fog lamps while driving. Also, keep the hazard lamps on so that other vehicles can locate your position and dimension. This allows the other drivers to spot your vehicle in a condition where the visibility is low due to fog. If required, use additional fog lamps during winter. While taking a turn, ensure you use the indicators well before so that other drivers become alert about your forthcoming move. Also, ensure the lights are clean and illuminating properly.

Keep mirrors and windshield clean in fog

Low visibility is a key concern during foggy weather. Also, better visibility could be the saviour for you. Ensure the mirrors, windshield and windows of your vehicle are clean and clear. This will allow you to see movements and obstacles around you. A dirty windshield or mirror can further reduce your visibility in foggy weather, resulting in a major mishap. To avoid foggy windshields and windows, use the defogger or turn on the heater, as it won't let the windows and windshield become foggy and reduce your visibility.

How to drive safely through fog
Step 1 :

Avoid speeding and overtaking

Step 2 :

Maintain safe distance

Step 3 :

Stick to lane driving

Step 4 :

Use lights to make yourself visible

Step 5 :

Keep mirrors and windshield clean

Step 6 :

Stay alert

First Published Date: 20 Dec 2022, 15:02 PM IST
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