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It was hardly a happy new year for an employee of Mercedes-maker Daimler at its Vitoria plant in Spain. And it was hardly a happy new year for the company either because after being reportedly fired from work on the last day of 2020, the said employee went about smashing around 50 vans located at the facility.

Local media reports claim that furious at having lost his job, the 38-year-old former employee allegedly stole a Caterpillar backhoe - a construction vehicle similar to a JCB - and covered around 21 kilometres to the Mercedes facility - the second-largest van-making facility of Daimler - in northwest Spain. Here, he is learnt to have gone on an absolute carnage, driving the front-end loader of the construction vehicle into as many as 50 brand new vans which had recently come out of assembly lines.

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It is further reported that as the incident occurred at around 1 am, not many people were present in the area, apart from security employees and maintenance workers. It were the security personnel who fired a warning shot in the air and eventually managed to overpower the accused before handing him over to cops.

While 50 vans are confirmed to have been wrecked or heavily-damaged, the number could be significantly higher as the damage is still being assessed. Estimates say the cost of the carnage could be around $ 6 million and include damaged V-Class and Vito vans.

On the bright side, and yes there is that side, no one was injured in the entire ghastly incident and the precise motive for the accused to have gone into full GTA game mode is being investigated.