How to remove scratches from car touchscreen: Easy steps

We all love the touchscreen infotainment systems in car cabins. That's one of the USPs of modern car cabins. However, amidst the regular use of touch-sensitive displays, we often forget about taking care of those delicate digital screens. We often touch the car touchscreens with dirty or sweaty hands, and that way leave fingerprints or scratches on the screens. Apart from that, improper cleaning too leaves spots and scratches on the displays. Some simple methods can be followed to clean the car's touchscreens to avoid leaving scratches or spots on them.

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| Updated on: 02 Dec 2022, 09:07 AM
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Using glass protector can be the best way to protect the touchscreen from scratches.
Using glass protector can be the best way to protect the touchscreen from scratches.

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People often clean their car touchscreens by hard rubbing the cleaning cloths, which leaves scratches on display. These scratches may not be long-lasting, but they look bad on shiny digital displays. Here are some easy tips to remove the scratches without damaging the display.

However, before reading that, know for sure that it is always best to use a glass protector on the touchscreen display of the car to get rid of the scratches on it. These protectors act as buffers between the glass and any other external touching element. Also, in case there is a scratch or damage on the glass protector, it can be changed easily, which is way more convenient and money-saving than changing the whole digital display.

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Remove scratches using toothpaste

Toothpaste can be useful in removing scratches from the touchscreen of a car. Take a soft cloth or cotton and dip it in a small amount of toothpaste. Rub the piece of cloth or cotton on the vehicle screen gently. Rub it in a spinning motion, not randomly. Ensure not to use toothpaste excessively and not to rub the cloth harshly against the screen. Once done, clean the screen with a soft dry cloth to remove the toothpaste.

Use baking powder to remove scratches

Baking powder can be useful in removing scratches from a touchscreen infotainment display. Mix a little amount of water with an adequate amount of baking powder. Mix it until it becomes a paste. Take a soft cloth and dip it in the paste, and then rub the cloth on the screen gently in a spinning motion. Once done, take a clean and soft cloth and wipe the paste of the baking soda and water from the screen.

Use vegetable oil to fix scratches

While there are several visible scratches on the touchscreen, some invisible and small scratches too remain there, which are hard to find. However, applying vegetable oil can be useful in removing them. Dip a soft cloth slightly in vegetable oil and rub it on the screen gently. After rubbing it for around 10-15 minutes, take a clean cloth and clean the oil from the screen. Ensure you use normal temperature oil only, not too hot or cold ones.

Use scratch-elimination creams

There are specific scratch-elimination creams in the market that can be useful in removing the car touchscreen's scratches. Take a small amount of cream on a soft cloth and apply it gently on the screen. Also, ensure you rub the cloth in a spinning motion and not randomly. Continue this process for 15-20 minutes, and then remove the cream applied to the screen with a clean cloth. This will help in the removal of the scratches from the touchscreen.

How to remove scratches from car touchscreen
Step 1 :

Remove scratches using toothpaste

Step 2 :

Use baking powder to remove scratches

Step 3 :

Use vegetable oil to fix scratches

Step 4 :

Use scratch-elimination creams

First Published Date: 02 Dec 2022, 09:07 AM IST
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