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Courtesy: AudiUSA
Courtesy: AudiUSA

Returning to basics: Car makers offer colouring books to help in lock down

  • Sometimes, the simplest of gestures can work wonders in helping out.

With several countries in lock down mode and car factories having temporarily suspended operations, the world finds itself in an unprecedented situation to fight off coronavirus pandemic. A number of renowned car makers around the world have, for a change, urged people to keep their vehicles parked and some are now even offering the easiest of ways to spend time at home.

In come colouring books.

Yes, some of the biggest names in the global automotive industry are now offering free downloadable colouring sheets and books to help people stay busy at home. Among them are German giants Audi and Mercedes.

Audi recently released a 13-page colouring book on its US website, each of which features a model from its product lineup of the present and past. And just when the idea appeared as a delight for only the youngest of fans, the luxury car maker tweaked the shapes to ensure varying geometric angles that would require careful precision to colour.

Mercedes too has released a colouring book which has different levels of difficulties. From Maybach to concept Vision AVTR, the book has all the favourite luxury machines that have defined the company around the world.

These may appear as rather inconsequential gestures in the current times of challenge but however small they may be, are definitely encouragements to stay at home and return to basics to keep safe.

  • First Published Date : 26 Mar 2020, 03:10 PM IST