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Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Inc is set to recall nearly 6,000 cars in the US over faulty brake caliper bolts, reports Reuters. These potentially loose brake calipers can cause a loss of tyre pressure.

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The recall campaign covers specific 2019-2021 Tesla Model 3 electric sedans and 2020-2021 Tesla Model Y as well. The automaker's filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) claims that no reports of crashes or injuries related to the faulty brake caliper issue have been registered so far.

Tesla will inspect the potentially affected electric vehicles and tighten, or replace the caliper bolts as necessary.

As the auto manufacturer has said, the loose brake caliper bolts could allow the brake calipers to separate and contact wheel rim. This would result in a loss of air pressure in the tyres. The auto company also said that in case there is vehicle damage from a loose or missing fastener, it will arrange for a tow to the nearest service center for repair.

Tesla's filing with NHTSA also said that the automaker was made aware in December of a field incident involving a 2021 Model Y vehicle with a missing fastener on the driver-side rear brake caliper.

The car manufacturer has since taken measures to prevent loosening of the bolts in the assembly process.