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In a bizarre incident, a beauty store worker in San Jose who never heard of Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk suddenly started receiving calls and text messages meant for Musk one day.

Reason: US telecom major AT&T randomly reassigned Musk's old number to Lyndsay Tucker, a 25-year-old skin care consultant, who had to assure her bosses that she does not work for Musk or any of his firms, reports NPR.

"I asked my mom, 'Hey, I keep getting these text messages' - and I was also now starting to get phone calls - 'for this guy Elon Musk. I don't know who this is. And my mom's jaw just dropped," said Tucker who works at a Sephora beauty store in San Jose, California.

On any given day, she receives at least three calls or texts intended for Musk, whom she has never met.

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When Musk came to know about this as NPR sent him an email, he said: "Wow! That number is so old! I'm surprised it's still out there somewhere".

A South African businessman asked Tucker about buying 1,000 trucks while the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) called about a complicated tax issue.

"I assumed I had messed something up. It was a huge relief they weren't looking for me," Tucker was quoted as saying.

Even former Walt Disney executive John Lasseter texted her about the Tesla he bought, calling it a "magnificent car".

"I actually ended up going to the same college as his (Lasseter) son," Tucker said.

One guy decided to text "Musk" directly to find out "how I can purchase that ATV you showed off during the CyberTruck reveal".

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Tucker responded: "Sorry buddy this isn't Elon Musk's number and isn't in any way affiliated with him".

Jeff Gold, an Atlanta-area inventor, who did business with Musk in the 1990s, recently sent a text about some new coronavirus research.

After Musk got rid of his old phone number, AT&T randomly reassigned it to Tucker.

Tucker, who is also an aspiring actress, has decided to keep the phone number.

"I'm sorry. Sometimes I don't respond if I'm having a rough day. So if you didn't get a response, it's probably me, not him," she said.

"Don't feel too let down".

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