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The year 2020 may also be remembered in the future as a time when local, national and even international events by the hoards were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic that reached almost every country in the world. With the number of positive cases mounting globally - around 4.89 million at the time of publishing this report, there appears no sign of events of any significance being put back on track - political, cultural, related to sports and entertainment and what not.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has now come out firing on Twitter yet again and has called for an end to ending. "Cancel Cancel Culture!" he worte on his account on the micro-blogging site on Tuesday. "More fun, less shun!" he added.

Musk's latest tweet would come as absolutely no surprise to those familiar with his position on Covid-19 pandemic and what some call his 'habitual rant' on Twitter. Musk had previously termed the panic around Covid-19 as 'dumb' and had then termed lockdowns as 'fascist.' He had even said that restricting people to their homes in a bid to fight the disease is undemocratic.

Musk in recent weeks was engaged in a bitter battle with officials in California's Alameda county in a bid to resume operations at Tesla's Fremont plant. He even courted arrest and threatened to shift the plant out of the state. It was only when US President Donald Trump stepped in that authorities gave the go ahead.

And while that matter may have been shut, Musk appears to be adamantly against the prevailing situation across the world where lockdowns have mostly become a norm and cancellations are becoming more common than ever before.

Musk's followers on Twitter are once again divided on the opinion of the 48-year-old. While there were many who said that life should return to normal as soon as possible and that their freedom must be given back to them, others felt the fight against the disease was of paramount importance. Then there were several who questioned why Musk has been firing from Twitter so often lately.

Whatever be the general direction that the debate on Musk's tweet may be taking, US cities have now started showing signs of returning to some semblance of normalcy. And with the Tesla plant in California too resuming work, at least Musk is unlikely to fire on Twitter on work front.