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Parking a car in a tight spot is something many people struggle with. However, this woman in a viral video did something extra ordinary that will make you laugh out loud. The video has been posted on TikTok has become viral because of the funny content.

As the video shows, a woman trying to park her Volkswagen between two cars. She is seen struggling to parallel park her car. Parallel parking is a maneuver that sometimes become tricky for even the seasoned drivers.

In the video, the woman is seen pulling into the parking spot and pulling out again a number of times, unable to park the sedan in the correct position.

While the lady struggles to park the vehicle, at one point she walks out of the car and measures the space between the two other cars and again takes the measure of her own car. This is something, you would find funny. However, despite doing so, her struggle continues.

At one point, the video shows another woman, who is out walking her dog, picks the pet protectively seeing the lady driver's erratic driving. However, another woman comes to the rescue of the lady driver and guides her patiently until she parks the sedan properly.

At the end, the video shows a twist, when the lady who helped the other woman gets into the car that was parked behind and drives off. Many might have thought that the Good Samaritan could have done that in the first place.