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Tesla Model S has cleared a test to be registered as a police car in the Fremont Police Department. Model S units have been tested for a year and was deemed suitable for patrols.

In 2018, the police department had bought a used 2014 Tesla Model S 85 to replace a retiring 2007 Dodge Charger. The department's report said that the EV had saved them $4000 fuel cost in a year.

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The EV had gone through regular police testing before being put on the road. The objective was to see whether an EV could could fit the needs of a usual patrol car and also help cutting fuel costs.

According to the report, the Tesla vehicle cut 42,198 lbs of carbon emissions annually, shelved maintenance cost by $2,147 (approximately 1.60 lakh) and reduced fuel costs by $4,097.

The car was in service 27 days more than a conventional patrol vehicle and its 265 mile range when fully charged was sufficient for the 40-70 mile radius patrol vehicles drive everyday.

The car certainly justified it's $61,478.50 price tag, which is a little over $20,000 more than what the police department generally used, that too with a lower average annual maintenance downtime.