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A couple in Mizoram found an innovative way to create some distance between them, space that could actually prove to be vital in Covid-19 times. In order to take his Covid-19 positive wife to a quarantine centre, a man attached a trailer to his vehicle and the video of this - posted by IPS officer Ripun Sharma on Twitter - has been garnering loads of positive responses online.

Finding an innovative way to keep his distance, the man attached a two-wheeled trailer to his vehicle. His wife places a blue plastic chair on the trailer and then proceeds to sit on it. A wave towards the camera above and both drive off for medical attention.

Many netizens commented on how affectionate the video is and that it shows that even in times of pandemic, social distancing may not restrict care and love.

Since the pandemic hit the country, several ingenious and selfless acts have emerged. From autorickshaws converted into ambulances for ferrying Covid-19 patients to passenger vehicles being retro-fitted with oxygen cylinders and even stretchers, the common man and woman have gone the extra mile to help out.

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As of Monday, according to officials, Mizoram reported 99 more positive cases that took the number of active cases in the state to 12,087 and the toll reached 40 after two more succumbed to the infection.