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Lamborghini has launched new Aventador SVJ Xago special edition. Only 10 units of this limited-run supercar will be made and reserved for the clients of the carmaker's new virtual Ad Personam studio.

The Xago celebrates the iconic ‘hexagonita’ theme in Lamborghini design which has been inspired by the hexagon cloud shapes at the North Pole on the planet Saturn and the strength of the hexagon in nature.

On the exterior, the special edition car features a fading hexagonal silver effect, with a unique contrast color livery for each car and gloss black Nireo rims. Hexagons can be found inside too. The supercar's seat pattern features hexagonita theme and a contrast color matching the exterior. Each of the ten Xago models will be identified by a different numbered plate.

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Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Xago Edition
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Xago Edition

The Xago edition essentially highlights Lamborghini's new virtual Ad Personam studio, which offers consultation sessions to clients worldwide for personalizing their Lamborghinis without having to travel to the facility in Italy. Clients can now pre-book an initial consultation of around two hours, via their dealership, with Lamborghini’s Ad Personam specialists.

A video call will be supported with the relevant model in the Ad Personam studio, and live design proposals and configuration suggestions from the team, using smartphones for walkarounds and to see close-up details. The virtual consultation is followed up with full proposals sent to the client, including renderings and even material samples.

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Lamborghini Ad Personam Studio
Lamborghini Ad Personam Studio

Lamborghini had launched its Ad Personam program in 2013 and opened the Ad Personam studio in 2016. More than 50% of Lamborghini cars coming off the production line today feature at least one Ad Personam detail. And to make the facility even more accessible, Lamborghini has come with with a virtual studio. "We expect more than 150 Ad Personam consultations to take place virtually within this year, and continuing as an option for the future," says Giovanni Perosino, Chief Commercial Officer of Automobili Lamborghini.