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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is known to use Twitter to inform customers about new features on Tesla vehicles as well as to gather ideas about what more would they want their electric cars to have. One such feature suggested by a Tesla owner is to be able to make emergency calls using his car's network.

Recently, a Tesla Model 3 owner tweeted that he couldn't make an emergency call to '911' because his phone did not have signals. His Model 3, however, did have signals but he couldn't use them to complete the emergency call. "Please add an emergency call feature that uses the cars network... My model 3 did have service and I tried everything but could not call emergency services. Could save lives," he wrote.

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Elon Musk replied to the Model 3 owner's tweet, saying, "Absolutely!"

Musk's reply hints that Tesla might consider adding the emergency call feature to its electric cars. If this happens, a driver would be able to use his/her network-connected Tesla to complete an emergency call in case the cell phone is out of signals. This would also add up to the list of safety features of the electric cars.

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Tesla has time and again used suggestions from its Twitter community to make its vehicles even more appealing to customers. One such feature that was integrated in the company's vehicles after being suggested on the social media site is 'Dog mode', as per Car and Driver. This is a climate-control feature designed especially for dog owners. The climate setting keeps a Tesla vehicle comfortable for dogs when their owners need to leave the vehicle.