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Since Ford introduced the Mustang Mach E all-electric SUV, the iconic pony car has got new fuel. Now the auto manufacturers had asked the car designed to come up with an innovative idea about the Mustang. The idea was to create a concept car based on Mustang and meant for the future generation.

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1496 cc|Petrol|Manual
Ex-showroom price
₹11,57,771* Onwards


1996 cc|Diesel|Automatic
Ex-showroom price
₹35,68,953* Onwards


1194 cc|Petrol|Manual
Ex-showroom price
₹8,25,252* Onwards

One of the designers Tyler Kwon designed a retro-inspired mini Mustang that is fully electric. He calls it the 2030 Ford Mustang E1 with inspiration from the original Mustang Concept 1. The Mustang Concept 1 was a small open-top four-cylinder design study by Ford from 1962.

The concept Ford Mustang E1 model is a small all-electric coupe design study, sponsored by the automaker. Despite its distinctive silhouette, the Mustang E1 gets design elements that are clearly inspired by the iconic muscle car. The styling shows a perfect blend of retro and futuristic design ideas.

Being a fully electric model there is no radiator grille. It looks a bit similar to the Tesla Model 3's front profile. The headlamps come with a very sleek LED appearance. Instead of conventional headlamps, there are sleek LED strips right at the edge of the bonnet. The front bumper gets an air splitter and above that are two horizontal LED strips.

The side profile of the car gets crisp character lines, muscular tyres, flared wheel arches etc. The large glass area along with the floating roof design makes the car pretty stylish looking.

The beltline meets perfectly with the rear profile. The LED taillights are bound to remind the signature taillight design of the Ford Mustang. The rear diffuser and sturdy looking bumper add zing to the car.

Overall, the 2030 Ford Mustang E1 concept looks very much convincing to be a real-world model. However, Ford is tightlipped about the production of this concept. But, it is possible that the automaker is secretly working on an all-electric Mustang electric coupe.

Rumour is that Ford would introduce another internal combustion engine-powered new generation model of the Mustang. This could arrive sometime by 2023. However, as Ford is also planning for an all-electric future, the question remains around the future of Mustang. The E1 could be the answer to that.