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Covid-19 is bringing a whole lot of changes to our lives. The world before Covid-19 and the world after it is different in many ways. One such change is the car-in restaurant service that has been launched in Kuwait, as the middle-east country banned dine-in restaurants earlier, in an attempt to stop the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus.

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In this new car-in restaurant service in Kuwait City that has been launched in March 2021, the waiters serve the customers in their cars outside the restaurant. This is the first such service introduced in the country, as the ban on dine-in venues continues due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

In this car-in restaurant service, the customers can have their food and drinks inside their cars and there will be special set-ups for that. The waiters will serve the food and drinks inside the vehicle only.

Not only Kuwait, but similar services have also been introduced across the world by many restaurants and large food chains in an attempt to survive during this crisis period, where the customers can drive in and take delivery of their ordered foods or drinks inside the car only instead of having those at the restaurant venue itself.

Various other new business models have also emerged due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In Ambewadi Chawal at Charni Road in Mumbai, Pankaj Nerukar, a 5-star chef who lost his job during the lockdown has opened his own mobile seafood restaurant. The vehicle is a Tata Nano in which Pankaj served freshly cooked seafood.

In many countries around the world, there has been a rise in the drive-in theatres, where people can watch movies sitting in their vehicles, instead of going into a crowded theatre hall where the chance of contamination remains high.