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The colour of a car determines the attention of the people around it. (Photo: Sabyasachi Dasgupta)
The colour of a car determines the attention of the people around it. (Photo: Sabyasachi Dasgupta)

How to protect and keep car paint shining on roads

  • Washing and waxing are a very vital step for protecting car paint.

  • A car cover is added protection for the paint.

When we look at a car, the first thing that grabs our attention is the design and of course the colour of a car. No matter how expensive or cheap a car is, the colour of a car determines the attention of the people around it. Like people take care of their skins, a car too demands special are for its paint.

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Here are a few simple and effective tips to take care of the car paint and keep them shining on roads.

Using a car cover

Using a car cover is certainly the most simplistic step one can take to protect the paint of a car. If a car is parked in an open area, it should be done with a car cover. Nobody likes the bird droppings and other kinds of animal excrement on their cars, as they not only look ugly but are corrosive too. Not only that, even if a car is parked in a garage for a long time, it should be covered.

No matter whatever the season is, the impact on the paint is definite. Summer heat, monsoon rain or winter dust impacts the car paint and a cover can protect it from the weather impacts.

Cars need a bath with shampoo

A car should get a proper wash a least once a week. Cars do need a bath after all. Use a good branded car shampoo and wash the exterior, tyres, windshield and window glass area. This will not only clean the dust, bird droppings, mud and other unwanted elements from the body and tyres but make the car fresh looking and cool the tyres as well during the intense summer heat that tends to impact the rubbers of the car’s legs. Avoid household detergents to wash the car as they are acidic in nature will do more harm to the car paint than good.

Also, do not forget to dry the car properly after washing. Drying a car naturally in sunlight will damage the paint. People use towels after a bath and in the case of the car a microfiber towel or a weave drying towel should be used to absorb the water and dry the car, or else there will be water spots all across the body, which will not look good at all.

Use a good wax

A car should be waxed every six months, which will protect the car paint from external damaging elements like slight scratches, dust, contaminations and UV rays as well. A good wax usually lasts 8-10 months, but using wax every six months is better to keep the car clean, shiny and smooth. What’s interesting is, keeping the car shiny and smooth marginally improves fuel efficiency as it results in less drag for the vehicle.

Paint protection film and clear coat protector

A paint protection film is a clear film that is applied to the exterior of a car. It is similar to the ones applied on glass areas and protects the paint, front and rear bumpers of the car from external damages such as heat, UV rays, rocks, tar, grime, dust that fly from the road. The paint protection films are a little expensive but last for nearly 5 years, which is nearly a car’s lifetime. Hence, it becomes a one-time cost for the owners.

The clear coat over the paint is another protective element for car paint that offers a glossy finish to the car and keeps away harmful elements like dust, UV rays.

  • First Published Date : 07 Mar 2021, 12:41 PM IST