How to keep your car tyres rolling this summer

Intense heat seen in India during summer often damages the tyres.Investing in good tyres means investing in the car's safety.
By : HT Auto Desk
| Written By : Mainak Das
| Updated on: 04 Mar 2021, 17:29 PM
Special 'champagne alloys' on the top end Vibe. The 70 profile tyres improve ride.
Special 'champagne alloys' on the top end Vibe. The 70 profile tyres improve ride.
Special 'champagne alloys' on the top end Vibe. The 70 profile tyres improve ride.
Special 'champagne alloys' on the top end Vibe. The 70 profile tyres improve ride.

Tyres are an integral part of any vehicle, but often the most neglected one, despite being the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road. During summers, due to the intense heat in a country like India, the tyres require special attention as the tyres influence a vehicle’s balance, steering sensitivity, power when one accelerates, mileage and many more.

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Here are some easy and important tips to keep the car tyres rolling this summer.

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Check tyre pressure

The tyre pressure should be checked regularly, as the heat takes a toll on them. Rubber and air expand and contracts as well, depending on the temperature. In summer while driving the tyres get heated and the air pressure inside them increases. Overinflation of tyres can cause wear and tears to the tyres reducing their durability and performance of the vehicle as well.

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In extreme cases, the tyre might burst as well and that could be fatal too. Despite checking the tyre pressure regularly, some water can be poured on the rubber to cool it down faster. Apart from that, parking the vehicle in the shade also saves the tyre from getting affected by immense heat.

Tyre valves should be in proper shape

The tyre valves should be in proper shape and the valve cap should be fitted rightly, otherwise, the valve can cause air leakage reducing the air pressure in the tyres that causes a drop in mileage and performance as well. The valve caps also protect the valve from dust, water and mud as well.

Checking and washing tyres

The tyres should be checked properly before the summer to find wear and tears that could create problems later. A popular way of checking the tyre treads is by inserting the coins, known as the ‘penny test’. If one-fourth of a coin is not between the treads, then it’s time to change the tyre.

Retreading is an option many people take, but changing the tyre is always better in case the tyres are worn out seriously. Washing the tyres at regular intervals and waxing them is another process to make them withstand the summer heat. Cleaning them with water and waxing stop the tyres from drying and wearing out too quickly.

Rotation of tyres every 10,000 km

The tyres of a car should be rotated after running every 10,000 kilometres. This prevents the tyres from developing uneven wear on any particular one. Not only that. This move also helps in increasing the tread life and delivers a smoother ride, better grip and precise braking on the road.

Use nitrogen, not air

Air is supposed to be expanded faster than Nitrogen in the effect of intense heat. Hence, replacing the air in the tyres with nitrogen can become helpful for the owner and the tyres.

First Published Date: 04 Mar 2021, 17:28 PM IST
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