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Ever wondered if Santa Claus likes to get gifts? Ever thought that the ambassador for spreading Christmas cheer every year could do with a more contemporary mode of transportation? No? Well, car makers have more heart than you then with Lexus becoming the latest to offer Santa with a customized red sleigh concept that looks radically ready for the season.

The Lexus HX Sleigh Concept does not just look super awesome, it cares too. As such, while it gets a Lexus spindle grille up at the front and an aerodynamic body profile, it also gets an enclosed cockpit section to ensure that Santa remains as warm and fuzzy as he looks while out and about delivering joy to the world. A rich coat of red paint is just so 'Christmasy' but the added black highlight on the body goes on to accentuate the visual profile of the concept sleigh.

We hear you wondering about practicality? Boot space, did someone ask?

Largest in any segment, rest assured!

The Lexus concept sleigh won't make much sense if it cannot fit all the gifts for all the well-behaved children in the world. But continuing to offer convenience to Santa too, there is a foot sensor which allows for hands-free operation of the trunk so that the elves can keep 'em coming as Santa gets ready to take flight.

And once he does take flight, the twin rocket engines on either side will ensure that here is a sleigh that will make fighter jets eat sparkle in its wake. Emissions? Well, what emissions?

Lexus cheekily adds that the concept sleigh runs on holiday spirit and it is a claim no one is likely to doubt. And while not much is known about what Santa has at his disposal inside the cabin, it is reported that a large display is a given and a premium audio system ensure Christmas carols continue to reverberate in the night sky.

Stay in bed folks because if Santa does decide to get inside this concept sleigh, Christmas could well come a little earlier this year.