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Amidst the increasing Covid-19 positive cases, several automakers have advanced their respective annual factory maintenance scheduled. Also, several auto companies have announced measures for the extension of warranty and free service period as well. These initiatives are similar to what multiple cars and two-wheeler manufacturers announced during the nationwide lockdown in March-April of 2020.

Several automakers such as Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki, Kia Motors, MG Motor India, and Toyota Kirloskar Motor have already announced extension of respective free service period and warranty for those vehicle buyers whose purchased automobile's warranty and free services have expired or due to expire during the state lockdowns announced by various state governments in an attempt to curb the spread of the Covid-19 infection. Other automakers too are expected to join the fray soon.

Here is a list of the automakers that have announced such masures in the last few days.


Tata Motors

Tata Motors has announced an extension of its warranty and free service periods for passenger vehicle customers across India. The car manufacturer has extended the free service period and warranty till 30th June 2021, for those customers whose Tata Motors car's free service period and warranty are due to expire between 1st April and 31st May.


Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki too has announced an extension of free service, warranty, and extended warranty as well that have expired or scheduled to expire between 15th March and 31st May 2021. The automaker has extended these free services, warranty, and extended warranty till 30th June 2021.


Toyota Kirloskar Motor

Toyota Kirloskar Motor too joined the other carmakers in extending free maintenance services, warranty amid Covid restrictions under its Customer Connect Program 2.0 initiative. The carmaker has announced an extension of vehicle warranty and customer paid extended warranty, free maintenance services, and pre-paid service packages.


Kia Motors

Like the abovementioned car brands, Kia Motors too has announced an extension for the validity of service schedules for its customers. Kia India has announced that the auto company will extend the validity of the service schedule of all its cars by two months amidst the growing Covid-19 restrictions.


MG Motor India

MG Motor India has also joined the bandwagon of auto manufacturers that have extended free service and warranty. The automaker has announced an extension of warranty and service schedule validity of all schedules due during April and May 2021. The affected customers will be able to avail their schedule until 31st July 2021.



Renault India has joined the other carmakers to extend the free service and warranty period. As the french automaker has announced, customers with vehicles that may have free service and/or warranty period expiring between April 1 and March 31, 2021; can avail those till July 31, 2021.