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Indian Motorcycle has announced that all its 2020 models which employ the 7-inch Ride Command system will now get Apple CarPlay connectivity feature. Motorcycles such as 2020 Indian Chieftain, Indian Roadmaster and Indian Challenger will now support the Apple CarPlay integration. As per the company, Apple CarPlay connectivity is available in all these models 'across the world'.

As seen on cars, the Apple CarPlay feature integrates rider's iPhone with the bike's infotainment system, enabling the use of Siri and other iPhone applications on the bike. Goes without saying that this feature only works when the system is paired with an iPhone.

The company says that customers will be able to install the update at home using a USB flash drive. The download is available for free and all the necessary information regarding the download is now available at the company's official website. Customers may also visit the nearest Indian Motorcycle dealership to get the update installed for free.

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Indian Motorcycle says that the Apple CarPlay update is just one of many improvements carried on the Indian's Ride Command system. Customers can also expect improved navigation location management, boot time, audio muting and control improvements (including navigation audio), widget fixes and a new fuel economy widget, and better functionality within navigation.

Customers can plug the iPhone into the system through USB, the system will then permit the rider to use Apple Music and Maps via a paired Bluetooth headset. The latter will have to be bought separately.

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The company is yet to announce an update for the customers with Android smartphone devices. For the record, both Honda and Harley-Davidson now support both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on select latest models.