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2020 Mercedes Benz E-Class
2020 Mercedes Benz E-Class

Mercedes-Benz unveils India-bound 2020 E-Class

  • The new Mercedes E-Class will force the drivers to keep their hands on the steering wheel all the time

Mercedes-Benz has taken the covers off the new 2020 E-Class sedan on Tuesday. The new executive saloon comes with mild-hybrid options in the 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder petrol variants.

Mercedes was among several carmakers who chose to unveil their new products through digital platform on Tuesday after the Geneva Motor Show got cancelled due to Coronavirus outbreak.

The fifth generation Mercedes E-Class gets fresh design elements, inspired by the CLA and CLS models. While the overall look and feel has not changed much, there are some tweaks all around the car. On the outside, the new E-Class gets new front grille, fresh front and rear headlamp designs.

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A new bumper, two-stroke headlamps and a new boot lid make the tail look much different than it has ever been. The palette adds three new colours, and several new alloy wheels, including aero-alloys to reduce fuel consumption.

The new steering wheel inside the E-Class can monitor whether the driver has his hands on the wheel or not.
The new steering wheel inside the E-Class can monitor whether the driver has his hands on the wheel or not.

On the inside, the major change is the new steering wheel design. It can monitor whether the driver has his hands on the wheel or not.

Assistance systems have been a specialty since the debut of the current E-Class, but of course there has been much progress in the meantime. When autopilot is turned on, drivers usually lower their hands to a more comfortable position and just touching the steering wheel, resting their hands on their feet. So far, the system in that case has not recognised that the driver still holds the steering wheel and warns the palms to be in the "standard" position. Capacitive technique is now used, that is, it recognises when the driver touches the steering wheel.

Two large 10.25-inch displays are now standard. There is also an option of a 12.3-inch version. It also gets the latest MBUX system that is common across all the new Mercedes models.

Under the hood the new Mercedes E-Class gets fresh engines as well. For the first time a four-cylinder petrol engine is offered in mild hybrid drive configuration. This includes a starter generator, which also operates as an electric motor with power up to 20 hp and 180 Nm torque, combined with a 48-volt grid. In all seven different plug-in hybrid versions are offered, including diesel and petrol, rear-wheel and all-wheel drive.

The new Mercedes E-Class is expected to be launched in India later this year. When launched, it would take on other cars in its segment like the Audi A6 or BMW 5 Series.

  • First Published Date : 04 Mar 2020, 10:19 AM IST