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Jawa Forty Two
Jawa Forty Two

Jawa BS 6 and Jawa Forty Two BS 6 specifications revealed

  • There is a slight drop in the overall power and torque output of the Jawa BS 6 and Jawa Forty Two BS 6.

While the new BS 6-complaint Jawa bikes were introduced in the Indian market earlier this year, the updated specifications of both the bikes were kept hidden at the time of price announcements.

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The output of the BS 6 Jawa and Jawa Forty Two has been officially revealed now. Both the bikes employ the same 293 cc single-cylinder engine which is now compliant to the stricter BS 6 emission norms. While earlier, this engine was known to produce 27 PS of maximum power and 28 Nm of peak torque, the output has fallen slightly with the BS 6 update.

The engine now delivers 26.51 PS and 27.05 Nm. The 0.86 PS drop in power and 0.96 Nm drop in torque was rather expected, since a similar drop have been witnessed in a majority of other vehicles who've transitioned to the latest emission standards.

Moreover, the BS 6-complaint models are now also 2 kgs heavier than the predecessor models.

The bikes were launched in March this year at about 10,000 higher price tag than the previous BS 4-spec models. While the Jawa BS 6 starts at 1.73 lakh*, the Jawa 42 BS 6 now starts at 1.60 lakh*. The company has also initiated deliveries of the new bikes to the customers.

While the design, colour and styling of the bikes remain the same as before, what's worth noting is that the updated bikes get a new exhaust tube design. While the dual exhausts remain unaltered, there is a new catalytic converter unit added to the down tube of the exhausts. It goes without saying that the updated design has been adopted to achieve the latest emission norm standards.

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Mahindra has recently received green signal to export Jawa bikes to Europe. Interestingly, first stop for the retro bike brand will be its native land, the Czech Republic, and all this has been planned for 2020.


  • First Published Date : 14 Jun 2020, 05:36 PM IST