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On Monday (March 29th) India will celebrate one of the biggest festivals in the country - Holi. The day will cover the entire country under a blanket of colours and this year will of course be no different, even though the covid-19 related restrictions will keep huge pubic gatherings from happening. Goes without saying, over-enthusiastic street minions may drench you in colours if you are planning to ride a two-wheeler on that day. So in case, you don't wanna fall prey, here's a short writeup of the steps you may want to follow to keep yourself safe.


Full face helmet: A splash of watercolors will not only temporarily change your skin appearance but may also enter your eyes and cause itching and redness. So make sure to use a full-face helmet while riding a bike and also keep the visor down all the time. It will keep your face saved from surprise attacks and is also safer to use in comparison to the open-face lids.


Use waterproof jacket: A waterproof jacket will be your best bet to keep yourself dry while riding a bike, but it is even better if you get yourself wrapped inside a full-size raincoat, though the second option may not make you look very cool.


Waterproof boots: Keep your adventure boots handy to ride on Holi. They usually resist water for a longer duration, though not all are truly waterproof.


Plan your trip: While the protective gears will surely keep you safe under unforeseen circumstances, but in order to really keep yourself clean, try to plan your bike trip around the easier hours of the day - later half or around the evening time is relatively safer for travel.


Ride with safety: Make sure not to hurry and ride responsibly on the day since riding a two-wheeler is slightly riskier on Holi due to heavier rush on the roads and wet patches due to Holi celebration.

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