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We recently showed you the electric version of the iconic Hindustan Motor’s Ambassador car as conceptualised by the DC Design. Now, another Indian designer Vishal Verma has come up with a different design of the Ambassador. This one too is an electric avatar of the iconic vehicle.

The electric Ambassador by Vishal Verma keeps some of the retro feel as far as the design of the car is concerned. The side profile resembles the original version to some extent, albeit some modern tweaks that give the car a new-age feel. A close look will reveal that the doors of this Ambassador car do not have any handles.

The face of the car gets redesigned with a swooping bonnet over a slim grille highlighted by chrome. The exterior also comprises of a solid C-shaped chrome-plated metal textured A-pillar to add a bold design state of the exterior graphics, which holds the front windshield of the vehicle.

On the inside, there is more luxury than what anyone has experienced inside the iconic car. Staying true to its modern appeal, the Ambassador gets 5G Internet for features like voice command, touch screen navigation panel, deck charging support, mood lighting, and digital cluster panel. It also has a biometric safety lock to secure passengers from any untoward incident.

The instrument panel is equipped with three multi-utility collapsible display screen, which provides every necessary information to the driver and the fellow passengers. It has two modes. The Easy drive mode offers single display with priority information. In the Advance drive mode the screen get to expand into three multi-utility screen display necessary information on the displays such navigation routes, music, side cameras views, gauges, and vehicle information.

The vehicle comes with fast charging as well as induction charging support too.
The vehicle comes with fast charging as well as induction charging support too.

The seating layout inside the vehicle has two options - the traditional sofa layout or individuals four-seat layout. The seats have inbuilt climate control, massage, alert safety features, and electronic adjustment options according to once body type.

HM Ambassador is an electric vehicle equipped with 4WD by individual electric hub motors on each wheel. The battery placement of this vehicle is in front of the vehicle. The vehicle comes with fast charging as well as induction charging support too. The charging port of the vehicle placed on its original position like industrial IC engine HM Ambassador, on the top of the rear wheel, and besides the rear storage lid on the vehicle’s right side.