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McLaren Automotive is going to reveal the new Artura high-performance hybrid car on February 16. The plans for the Artura were made public last year and now the hybrid supercar is close to making its first official appearance later this month.

The Artura will come out as McLaren's first high-performance Hybrid series production supercar. The brand first showcased a glimpse of its electrification prowess with the McLaren P1 hybrid hypercar which broke cover in 2012. Also, it revealed the Speedtail Hyper-GT more recently which has now entered production as the McLaren's fastest ever car sporting a top speed of 403 kmph.

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The key highlight of the upcoming Artura supercar will be its all-new compact twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine which will work in close conjunction with an electric motor in a new lightweight hybrid powertrain. This has been built on the developments from McLaren's larger capacity V8 engines. The firm claims that the Artura's powertrain has been tuned to deliver improved torque response at low engine speeds. Moreover, the car has been designed to also run on pure electric energy alone when required.

The Artura has been designed and developed at the McLaren Composites Technology Centre in the UK which is also the manufacturing hub for the car. It has been built on an all-new, platform architecture that is optimised for electrification. McLaren has made use of its expertise in motorsports to offset the additional mass of the car's High-Performance Hybrid system with the use of weight-saving technologies throughout the chassis, body and powertrain of the Artura.

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Moreover, Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) which underpins Artura enables the car's class-leading weight advantage, as found on every McLaren.