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Supercar manufacturer Maserati is ready to present take the covers off its latest offering - the MC20 supercar - on September 9. The supercar will be powered by a new engine that Maserati has designed to bring the new MC20 to life.

The engine has been developed at the Engine Hub of the Viale Ciro Menotti factory. This is the same factory where the new MC20 will be manufactured and equipped with this engine.

This new stage for Maserati will begin on September 9 and 10 , with the event MMXX: The time to be audacious, where the new models that will enter the market in the coming years will be presented. The new powertrains, developed for those innovative models, will also have their moment during the presentation event.

The new engine is a twin-turbo block with a 3.0-litre 6-cylinder V-configuration . It will use a dry sump lubrication system, which is usually present in high-end sports vehicles. It will offer a power of 630 hp at 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 730 Nm from 3,000 rpm, which will make it a supercar with high performance.

The technology that comes from Formula 1 provides a dual-spark plug pre-chamber combustion system, which will debut in a road car now and will offer a driving experience that the carmaker assures will be spectacular for those who get behind the wheel of the Maserati MC20.

This new engine has three main characteristics. The first of these is the combustion chamber, which is located between the central spark plug and the traditional combustion chamber, connected through a specific communication network for the engine. The second is a side spark plug that ensures that combustion is correct when the car does not need the use of the pre-chamber to function.

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Finally, the double injection system , with direct and indirect injection, which is coupled to the pressure of the fuel supply system at 350 bar . This system reduces noise throughout the speed range, reduces emissions and improves consumption.

The new Maserati MC20 will offer all the power and performance it takes to become a remarkable car with outstanding performance. The car was seen road testing in Italy earlier in March this year when the first prototype was spotted at night at the famous Piazza degli Affari in Milan.

MC 20, a two-seater sports car, will be offered with both a thermal engine and an electric version. It will be the first model to mount a new family of engines, which will subsequently be used on other models in the Trident range. The MC20 is also likely to sport a new monocoque carbon chassis, with the engine located in the central-rear position.

The MC20 is expected to be launched at a price of around € 200,000. It is the first time that Maserati will use the name 'MC' in any of its car since the legendary MC12 was born 15 years ago.