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Tesla Model 3 hybrid prototype built by Obrist. (Image: Youtube/InsideEVs)
Tesla Model 3 hybrid prototype built by Obrist. (Image: Youtube/InsideEVs)

This Tesla Model 3 runs on petrol, calls it a hyper hybrid system

  • Obrist ripped off the original battery pack from the EV and replaced it with a lightweight battery pack along with a small two-cylinder petrol engine.

Tesla Model 3 is certainly one of the most popular electric cars selling around the world. This electric compact sedan is the most affordable Tesla car so far. While the car runs completely on battery power, here is a one-off example that runs on petrol.

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At IAA Mobility 2021, a Tesla Model 3 grabbed everyone's attention with its technology. The Austrian company developed a hybrid system for the Tesla Model 3, which it calls hyper hybrid technology. The company claims that its goal is to sell the patent for the hybrid technology to major automakers.

This specific Tesla Model 3 is acting as an R&D testbed for the company, reports InsideEVs. The company reportedly started operations around two decades ago and currently working on a series of hybrid systems that are claimed to be capable of achieving real-world mileage of 2 litre/100 km.

The Tesla Model 3 combines a 1-litre two-cylinder petrol engine with a 17.3 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The battery pack is claimed to be completely different from what Tesla offers. The company also claims that weighing just 98 kg, this battery pack is much lighter than any standard Tesla battery pack.

The petrol engine is capable of churning out 54 PS of power when running on petrol and 61 PS when it runs on methanol. The car gets a 30-litre fuel tank for storing petrol or methanol.

The company dubs the little two-cylinder engine a Zero Vibration Generator or ZVG. It is said to be smooth even during start-up and when revs increase. Placing the engine was not a problem for the company, as Tesla Model 3 offers a lot of space in its frunk. However, the engine is positioned further back than where the frunk is. This means the ZVG is not visible easily even if the frunk is opened.

The power is delivered to the motor fitted to the rear axle, which is capable of generating 135 PS of power output. With the original battery pack ripped off, this Tesla hybrid model is considerably lighter than the original electric sedan.

The company has chosen a Tesla model considering the fact that the Tesla cars come with the most advanced Ev technology. This is not the first time, the Austrian company tested its hybrid system on an EV. Previous prototypes were built around a Fisker Karma electric sedan.

  • First Published Date : 27 Sep 2021, 09:40 AM IST