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Photo courtesy: Klassen
Photo courtesy: Klassen

This Limousine-version of Range Rover is a bulletproof fortress on wheels

  • The modified Range Rover promises space and comfort but it is its ability to keep occupants safe from bullets that truly stands out.

A Range Rover has most of the credentials required to be a capable machine which is as much at ease on roads as it is where there are none. To take its capabilities up by several notches then is not always possible but trust Klassen to push the boundaries and, literally, stretch them.

The German company is a renowned name in post-market customisation of luxury vehicle brands like Mercedes, Bentley, Lexus and Rolls-Royce. Klassen, however, has also turned its attention to a Range Rover Autobiography which has been turned into something of a Limousine by adding a whopping 1,016 mm. The vehicle's dimension has been elongated to 6,215 mm with the wheelbase alone now measuring 4,136 mm. There are four cabin seats on the inside which take comfort, space and luxury to the next level.

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As stunning as the space inside the modified Range Rover may be, it is the security features the vehicle offers that really makes it stand out. Boasting of VR8 armour, the vehicle can protect occupants from 7.62 mm caliber bullets fired from 10 meters away. It also features special bulletproof tyres that can ensure a range of about 80 kilometers at speeds of 80kmph even when damaged.

The vehicle, quite obviously, features a long range of creature comforts for its passengers which includes infotaiment screens, chiller compartment and double-cushioned seats.

While Klassen has not openly disclosed the price of the vehicle, it is expected that the asking rate would be around $800,000.

  • First Published Date : 27 Apr 2020, 10:14 AM IST