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Tesla has long been known as a car company that is never satisfied with perfection. And while the electric cars may not be deemed examples of absolute automotive perfection, these do brag of a bucket-load of cutting-edge features and have a ginormous fan following around the world. The speed with which Tesla has emerged as a power player in the electric mobility sphere is quite impressive and can perhaps now only be matched by the speed update its cars are likely to get.

Enter Cheetah Stance - Tesla's latest performance improvement that promises to give its cars improved acceleration capabilities.

A number of US media outlets have recently reported on how Tesla engineers are working on the Cheetah Stance which could potentially give the EVs even more power when overtaking. Inspired, quite obviously, from the Cheetah, the update is expected to be all about lowering front air suspension and improving damping for better weight management while pressing pedal to the metal.

And while the Launch Mode is already available on several Tesla cars and it lowers all four suspensions for the same objective, the Cheetah Mode promises to enhance it. The aerodynamics of the car, much like how a Cheetah's body appears when in full sprint, will allow for lesser wind resistance.

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Reports suggest that once testing is complete, Cheetah Mode could first make its way into Model S and Model X. While Model S is already lightening quick - it claims to go from zero to 60 mph (96.5 kmph) in 2.4 seconds, the Model X is Tesla's coupe-shaped SUV that does the same in 2.7 seconds, according to company-released figures.

While Tesla cars are renowned for being tech-heavy, there has been a clear focus on performance as well with engineers working overtime to give the EVs more teeth. This is just as well because a number of iconic sports car makers have now entered the field of electric cars and could potentially rival Tesla's cult following in the upcoming future.