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Performing a stunt with a vehicle is a tricky affair. It can become a disastrous one if not performed in a proper way and by an expert. Exactly that happened with a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG in California.

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2925 cc|Diesel|Automatic (Torque Converter)
Ex-showroom price
₹1,04,70,519* Onwards


1991 cc|Petrol|Automatic (Torque Converter)
Ex-showroom price
₹1,53,00,000* Onwards


2925 cc|Diesel|Automatic (Torque Converter)
Ex-showroom price
₹2,42,08,800* Onwards

A video has emerged showing a white Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG's wheel and rear axle were destroyed while performing donuts in the canyons above Los Angeles. The video shows the driver performing a stunt with the sports sedan within few feet from the attendees and other vehicles.

Passengers can be seen hanging out of the windows and people were cheering amid the sound of screeching tyres and smoke from burning rubbers. At one point, the rear left tyre just pops out of the car and damages the rear bumper. However, a new set of tyres were bolted on and the donuts continue. But not everything went well.

While performing the stunt, the C63 AMG's ear left wheel hits a pothole at a wrong angle and threw the sports sedan up into the air. The moment it happened, the rear left tye of the car was destryed.

The driver of the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG sedan was able to quickly bring the car to a halt. While viewers gathered around to check what's happened, someone from the crowd can be heard shouting that it's going to be an expensive affair.

The rear left wheel of the sports sedan was absolutely trashed after it hit the pothole. Also, the impact immediately broke the rear axle of the expensive sports sedan.

In this case, apart from the wheel repairing, the car will probably have to have a completely new rear axle fitted to it. This will cost the owner of the car a petty large amount of cash.

  • First Published Date : 27 Jun 2021, 11:09 AM IST