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The electric landscape for mobility in India is at the cusp of a massive change with the central and state governments increasingly looking at ways to popularize both manufacturing as well as buying electric vehicles here. With petrol and diesel prices at astronomical highs - also due to increasing taxes on the two fuels, it is only a matter of time when EVs begin to prove that going clean makes a whole lot of economical sense too. And while Mercedes-Benz EQC isn't likely to be an affordable offering for the masses, its launch on October 8 is expected to open up a whole new playing field for EVs in India - the luxury field.

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EQC is a bold statement of intent from Mercedes, a company with a rich legacy of manufacturing vehicles at the pinnacle of both performance and comfort. Launching EQC in India is an even bolder statement of intent because at a time when some giants int he global auto industry still see the Indian market to be too nascent for bringing in EVs, Mercedes is pushing forward with its plans for the country.

EQC is expected to be priced at upwards of 1 crore. Clearly, the target audience is a niche buyer who - in all probabilities - add the EV as a second or third product in his or her garage. For Mercedes then, it may not be about raking in the numbers but paving the way for a future when EVs are a common sight.

EQC has a range of around 350 kilometres on a single charge. (Photo - Sabyasachi Dasgupta)
EQC has a range of around 350 kilometres on a single charge. (Photo - Sabyasachi Dasgupta)

Mercedes EQC is powered by a 80kWH lithium-ion battery with a warranty cover of eight years. The company claims that the battery has been tested in extreme conditions around the world and can be recharged from zero to full in around 10 hours while access to a DC charger will sharply bring down that time to just 90 minutes. With a range of around 350 kilometres, the EQC could also do short highway runs while offering the same level of comfort to passengers as all its siblings do.

Mercedes has equipped the car with a large 12.3-inch dual infotainment screen and creature comforts like ENERGIZING comfort control which can be set to modes such as vitality, refresh etc for customized music and temperature control. The front seats offer massage functionality while the latest generation MBUX system comes in as well.

Is Mercedes ready to usher in electric mobility in the luxury segment in India? EQC clearly points to this. Is India, however, ready to welcome a luxury EV here? Time will tell.