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Photo courtesy: dc2design/Instagram
Photo courtesy: dc2design/Instagram

Customised Mercedes V-Class for Hrithik Roshan is a palace on wheels

  • DC2 Design has taken the Mercedes-Benz V-Class belonging to Hrithik Roshan and significantly upped the comfort and luxury quotient of an already comfortable and luxurious cabin.

DC2 Design, one of India's oldest and most reputed custom design houses, recently shared photos of the work it has done on Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan's Mercedes V-Class and it is clear that the luxurious MPV has breached the pinnacle of refinement and taken opulence to another level.

Mercedes updated the V-Class - first launched in January of 2019 at 68.40 lakh (ex showroom) - in India with the V-Class Elite in January this year and then launched the Marco Polo edition of the MPV at the Auto Expo.

The former is priced at 1.10 crore (ex showroom) while the later is priced at 1.38 crore (ex showroom). The modifications apparently were made to the V-Class.

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The MPV has been given a complete makeover on the inside and it won't be too much of a stretch to claim that the premium cabin now resembles a modern palace on wheels. The third-row seats appear to have been pushed farther away from the rear-facing second-row set up while the all of it is in rich Nappa leather upholstery. A single switch panel is tasked with controlling functions like seat position, ambient lighting and infotainment system. The foldable table appears to have been upgraded in quality while the flooring has been done in wood-trim finish.

There is roof lighting and drop-down window shades as well while the twin-set up sunroofs let in natural light when the need for it is felt.

It is reported that no changes have been done on the outside or under the hood even though the cabin upgrades have added 40 kilos to the overall weight of the vehicle.

This is not the first time Hrithik Roshan has entrusted DC2 Design to raise the bar and customise his vehicle. And he is also not the first celebrity from Bollywood to have his or her vehicle get a makeover from the custom design house. From Madhuri Dixit Nene to Salman Khan, many have tasked DC2 Design to upgrade their exisiting rides.

  • First Published Date : 07 Apr 2020, 11:17 AM IST