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After taking the covers off the 2022 Civic sedan on April 14, Honda has now shared what the interior of the car will look like. The Japanese carmaker shared a sketch of the cockpit which, it says, will carry a new design philosophy.

In a statement released by the carmaker, Honda showcased the new interior design philosophy that will shape the interior design of future Honda models. 2022 Honda Civic will be the first car to adopt this new concept.

According to the carmaker, the interior design is inspired by the classic human-centered designs of the first Honda vehicles, the new simplicity of the brand helps to enhance the experience of direction eliminating complexity and promoting the user experience through thoughtful and pleasant design elements.

The new design philosophy presents a renewed focus on Honda's classic "Maximum Man / Machine Minimum" approach that maximizes the cabin space, while minimizing the space required for mechanical components.

This new interior concept will allow the interior to be free from visual clutter with a focus on thin columns, a low hood and a large greenhouse for excellent visibility, allowing the driver and the occupants see the road and the environment around them.

Johnathan Norman, creative lead for interior design at Honda in the United States, said, "Simplicity in design requires not only a strong philosophy, but a discipline toward the user experience. We heard from designers working for other brands who say they were inspired by the simple, human-centred design of old Hondas, well, so are we!"

The 11th generation Honda Civic seeks to further the company's human-centered design philosophy. The exterior images of the new Civic released by Honda shows a toned down exterior profile from the preceding model. It has gloss black elements dominating the front face of the vehicle, but not anywhere close to how much of it was used in the previous model. The hood now has sharper edges and extends to meet the Honda logo. The head lights and the lower bumper too have been redesigned.

The new generation 2022 Civic sedan is unlikely to hit the Indian shores. The 10th generation Civic failed to stir much emotions in India. Despite being one of the strongest performer in its segment, Honda had to eventually stop producing the car for the Indian market.