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Honda Civic may have been discontinued in India but the sedan still finds many takers in several markets around the world. It is this goodwill that the car has generated over the past many years is what may help the case of the 11th generation Honda Civic with the first set of images of the model in production form being recently revealed.

The images released by the Japanese car maker is of 2022 Civic Touring model and its is almost instantly evident that the designers have toned down the exterior profile from the preceding model. While staying close to the exterior design profile of the prototype showcased earlier, Civic 2022 has a gloss black elements dominating the face of the vehicle but not anywhere close to how much of it was used in the previous model. The hood of the car has sharper edges and extends to meet the Honda logo. The head lights have been redesigned while the lower bumper too has received some degree of attention.

The car sits on large alloy wheels which seek to enhance its sporty appeal while the strong character line from the side mirrors and stretching towards the rear lights also give a sense of speedy aura.

That this is the Civic Touring means that the more affordable Civic 2022 models may have design character which are not the same as what is seen here. The cabin of the car has also not yet been revealed but is scheduled to be showcased on April 28.

The Civic has been a strong performer for Honda in several countries and remains a viable buying option even today when SUVs and pick-ups are being increasingly preferred. In India though, the 10th generation Civic failed to stir much emotions and although it was the strongest performer in its fading segment, was eventually taken out of production.