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Skoda has revealed a new scooter which can offer sustainable mobility as well as last-mile connectivity.

Skoda hopes that this ‘modern, dynamic and easy-to-use vehicle’ will promote awareness among its young, active customers who have environmental concerns. Its patented folding mechanism helps the scooter to be easily transported without sacrificing luggage space in your cars.

The new Skoda scooter can be folded up in a few simple steps. Collapsed, it measures just 49×42×11 centimetres and fits into the spare wheel well under the boot floor of the compact Skoda Scala and Skoda Kamiq if they are equipped with a breakdown kit. This ensures that the entire volume of the boot remains free for transporting luggage and shopping.

Rubber grips provide excellent support on the handlebars on the way to work, sports or the shops. Made of steel and aluminium, the Skoda scooter weighs less than five kilograms but can carry up to 100 kilograms.

As a mobility solution featuring the brand’s signature design and paint colours as well as the easy-to-use folding mechanism, the Skoda Scooter embodies the brand’s ethos as the Simply Clever company for the best mobility solutions.

The scooter can also be useful at a time when social distancing norms and restrictions in travelling are in place sue to coronavirus pandemic. In several countries, e-bikes and e-scooters have become the more preferred mode of transport for many to maintain social safety guidelines during lockdown.

This is true especially in European countries, the home-base for Skoda, where governments are drawing up plans to promote these vehicles over four-wheelers.