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Changing times require changing sales models and it appears Ather Energy wants to remain at the forefront of how it does business in the current scenario. After introducing a subscription-based sales model with Ather 450, the company on Monday announced a referral program which seeks to bring in newer customers while rewarding existing customers with credit points.

While there is nothing new in the referral program in itself and is based on similar programs in a wide variety of sectors, Ather Energy is looking at it to boost sales of its e-scooters. Ather 450 owners, as part of the program, will be given a referral code. When shared with his or her contacts and if the contact makes a purchase, the existing customer will be given monetary credits worth 2,500. The program is currently available only in Bengaluru and Chennai.

The company claims because existing owners were referring the products to their contacts, it felt that a referral scheme such as this was necessary. "Our community of owners and the Ather Forum have been our loudest supporters and our strongest critics, allowing us to grow and improve," said Ravneet Phokela, Chief Business Office at Ather Energy. "We are hoping to strengthen our community as we enter new markets with the Ather 450X in the coming months."

Ather also highlights that while the waiting time for Ather 450 was significant previously, the pre-order commitments will be addressed within three weeks of the payment being made.

The company had previously rolled out easy ownership models like the exchange of any petrol two-wheeler for Ather 450 and India’s first two wheeler lease program.