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File photo of a motorcycle used for representational purpose only
File photo of a motorcycle used for representational purpose only

Here's how to maintain your two-wheeler in winters

  • Winter season brings more challenging riding conditions due to lower surface temperature, less traction and reduced visibility.

  • Taking proper care of a two-wheeler becomes extremely important in such conditions.

Unlike summers, when the roads provide a better grip to tyres and there is no additional pressure on the vehicle, winters bring rather challenging riding conditions for two-wheelers.

This is due to the lower surface temperature, less traction, reduced visibility and much more. Hence, taking proper care of the two-wheeler is extremely important when the temperatures fall.

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Apart from using a bike cover to ensure the bike stays properly dry all the time, here are some other useful tips to take care of your motorcycle in winters:

Use antifreeze:

It should be ensured that the motorcycle is equipped with top-notch antifreeze which prevents the powertrain from jamming in subzero temperatures. Antifreeze coolants help the engine to run at relatively far cooler temperatures. It is optional for people living in moderate conditions.

Check the battery:

The battery of any vehicle is one of its most important parts. Although, there are a lot of important components of a motorcycle that may also be affected by the cold weather, battery is one of the key parts which is severely impacted by the temperature change. Low temperatures drastically reduce the charge the battery can hold, thus reducing its overall life.

Note: Extreme temperatures (hot/cold) have the same impact on the battery's life.

Check the tyres:

Although a rider should always check the tyres of their vehicle, but it becomes even more important to do so in winters as colder tyres provide less grip and in winters it takes longer for tyres to reach the minimal operational temperatures. Hence it is recommended to keep a check on the tyre life/treads and pressure to ensure maximum safety.

Lubricate the chain:

In the winter season, as the roads are relatively wet, the chain gets rusty very easily as it catches salt from the wet roads. Proper chain maintenance should be carried on a timely basis in winters. Moreover, other components like the brakes or the throttle assembly, etc. might catch dirt and moisture during the winter season and lubricating them will ensure proper working of these parts.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, a rider would want to consider keeping the vehicle clean during winters and using fresh high-quality oil before the start of the season.

  • First Published Date : 15 Dec 2020, 01:06 PM IST