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Royal Enfield bikes have a huge demand in the two-wheeler modification market. Many custom bike garages around the country specialize in working on Royal Enfield bikes simply because of the fact that they look muscular and provide a relatively simpler platform to work on.

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Now a man hailing from Punjab, named Mani Gill has taken the game to another level by deciding to slap on a Royal Enfield motorcycle with humungous tractor tyres. Gill's Instagram profile is filled with pictures of this monstrous-looking classic motorcycle and it is also seen featured in a number of local Punjabi music videos, Gill's Instagram profile suggests.

Gill has fully transformed the bike from tip to tip. From swingarm, suspension, handlebar to frame, almost nothing reminds of the stock bike it is based on. Thus, hard to figure out whether it was originally a Classic, Bullet or a Thunderbird.

While externally the bike has gone through a full makeover, it remains unconfirmed if there are any mechanical or specific performance-oriented upgrades introduced too, though the chances are less likely. On the other hand, the use of massive tyres and different swingarm is directly linked to negatively affect the overall engine and handling performance of the bike.

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Nonetheless, Mods such as a wide handlebar, a new and longer swingarm to accommodate wider set of tyres and revamped suspension units give the bike a more intimidating appeal. Also, there is a flashy exterior paint theme to go along with its sinister looks. The only bit that remains of the stock unit is the shiny engine section.

Goes without saying, not all the external modifications seem legal on the bike and can land the owner in trouble.