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Rajasthan-based Devot Motors on Thursday unveiled the prototype of its hand-made electric bike at the Auto Expo here.

Devot Motors is working towards the commercial production of the vehicle, which should start from the last quarter of the year, the company's Chief Executive Officer Varun Deo Panwar said.

He said the company is scouting for investors for commercial production of the bikes, adding depending upon the investment we would decide whether we should set up an assembling facility or go contract manufacturing.

"This is the first-ever hand-made electric motorcycle which is designed and made in India and inspired by India and British design technologies," he claimed.

The motorcycle will be fully charged in less than three hours, using the onboard charger and will be fully charged in 30 minutes to one hour time with fast charging, he said.

"Our production motorcycle version will come with onboard charger as standard and we will be offering fast charging unit to install at home and offices for fast charging with the range of up to 200 km and speed of up to 100km/ hour," he added.

Panwar also said he was targeting customers who aspire for a bike, which is less than a sports bike in a 1.20-1.50 lakh range. Devot's motorcycles will have no maintenance and very low wear and tear, he said adding we will look to sell 2,000 bikes in six months once it hits the market.

It comes with modular batteries that can be replaced, removed and recharge besides light weight and provide certified lithium batteries, waterproof and heating and temperature protection with smart BMS.

"We are also planning Devot’s charging infrastructure around the cities where one will be able to charge or replace modules," Panwar said.

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