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Super cars are loud, they are mostly stunning to look at, are lightning quick and almost always cost the sky. Elation Freedom, the latest super car ingeniously made in the United States, is all of that barring the awe-inspiring exhaust roar because it also is a battery-powered track performer. At $2 million, it is one of the most expensive super cars out there but it also claims to offer a whole lot of performance - combined with stylish visuals - for what one has to pay.

Elation Automobiles is headquartered in California and has previously showcased some stellar products to woo speed enthusiasts. Freedom though may well hold a position of prominence in the product portfolio. The handmade supercar is fast, seriously fast. It claims to touch 100 kmph from standstill in a blazing quick 1.8 seconds which is largely made possible by a carbon fiber monocoque chassis which has three electric motors for a total output of a ginormous 1,427 hp. An option of a fourth motor takes this combined output to an even more stunning 1,903 hp.

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That special attention has been given to ensure that Freedom is extremely lightweight shows in the fact that the three-motor version is just 1,650 kilos.

Elation informs that the all-electric drive system combines with a proprietary suspension design in order to maintain its lines regardless of the speed figures it is touching. And all of that brute speed maxes out at 260 mph (approximately 420 kmph).

There is also an ICE version of Freedom and it is called Freedom Iconic Collection.
There is also an ICE version of Freedom and it is called Freedom Iconic Collection.

The makers also highlight that it is not just about performance and speed when it comes to Freedom, even if these are key highlighting points in its resume. That is because Freedom's cabin is inspired by fighter-jet cockpit and gets high-quality leather and carbon-fiber materials inside.

As for range, the Freedom can reportedly go 300 miles (482 kms) per full charge on a standard set of battery while the figure goes up to 400 miles (643 kms) with an upgraded battery pack. This is of course unless one is putting the car to its performance limits.

That Freedom can do what it claims to without any emissions at all is spectacular. But what also widens its profile is that it can come fitted with a single 5.2-litre V10 engine as well which helps it produce 750 hp and results in less weight as well. In the version which gets an internal combustion engine, it is called Freedom Iconic Collection.