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Despite being an exciting technology for the drivers and Tesla car owners, the semi-autonomous driver assisting Autopilot technology of the EV manufacturer has made quite some headlines for wrong reasons. Though the blame goes on to the drivers who don't follow Tesla's instruction that says, even if the car is capable of running on its own while the Autopilot is engaged, the driver should be there monitoring and intervening whenever required. However, the accidents involved the Tesla cars and Autopilot technology, have shown that the drivers were neglecting the automaker's instruction.

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Now, with several cases objecting to Tesla's Autopilot technology, the EV manufacturer has introduced a feature to monitor the vehicle while it will be on Autopilot. The Tesla Model 3, Model Y would be coming with this new technology and the automaker has reportedly enabled the feature through a software update.

The new feature has been spotted after a Tesla Model Y owner noticed this. In the Tesla software update's release note, it has been described as 'Camera Cabin Updates'

Tesla cars usually come with several sensors in the steering wheel, to detect the drivers' hands on the wheel while the vehicle is on Autopilot. However, it has reported multiple times that fooling the system into thinking that the drivers' hands are on the steering wheel is not a tough task at all.

Interestingly, the software update enabling the in-car camera to monitor the vehicle while the Autopilot is engaged comes just a few days after Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the automaker is about to rely solely on camera and neural net processing for the Autopilot and will not use any radar.

The details about how exactly the cabin cameras of the Tesla cars will work to ensure safe driving while the Autopilot is engaged, are yet to be disclosed.