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Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is once again raring to push the boundaries of what opulence on four wheels is all about as the latest ultra luxury vehicle is scheduled for a global premiere on Thursday. The Germany car maker recently showcased the all-new S-Class and is now promising to portray the Maybach S-Class as the absolute benchmark with updates that are likely to find favour among the rich, famous and influential.

The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class has a wheelbase that is 18 centimeters longer than that of the S-Class which translates into even more leg space for passengers on the rear seats. The car maker says that the additional option of executive seats and chauffer package will make the rear compartment of the vehicle into a mobile workstation. Exclusive details such as the optional two-tone paintwork with dividing line, and large wooden trim both on the backs of the front seats and between the two rear passengers are also typical Maybach features, the company informs.

It is hardly surprising that Mercedes is ensuring the new Maybach S-Class is tuned for even more rear-seat comfort because this stately sedan is meant to be driven in. As such, the seats offer massage function in the calf areas too while providing heating for neck and shoulder areas.

Further details and highlights of all the luxury on offer will only be known at the official launch of the luxury car but Mercedes is underlining that this Maybach will be ahead of the preceding model by some distance. As such, the buzz around the new Maybach S-Class is steadily building.