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US auto manufacturer Jeep aims to become the greenest SUV brand in the world in the near future. The FCA owned SUV specialist company has revealed that it aims to launch at least one fully electric model in each segment by 2025.

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The strategy comes as part of Jeep's sustainable future product plan. Christian Meunier, Jeep Brand CEO in a statement has said that as the company is celebrating its 80th anniversary, it aims to continue its journey upward and forward. He also said that Jeep will be expanding its portfolio into new segments.

Among the upcoming Jeep models, the company is working on a three-row Jeep Grand Cherokee L. This would help the brand to strengthen its foothold in the premium SUV market. Also, the new Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer too is under work.

"Next in our global product pipeline is the introduction of the all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee, which will be equipped, for the first time, with plug-in-hybrid 4xe technology. We are fully committed towards a vision of zero-emission future, and by 2025 we will be offering a zero-emission fully electric Jeep 4xe in every SUV segment," Meunier further added.

The auto company is expecting to see 70% of its total vehicles to be electrified by 2025. This comes as part of Stellantis' $35.5 billion investment plan for electric vehicles by 2025.

To tease what's coming from the Jeep brand, the automaker has released a video. It shows a Jeep vehicle with a host of new technologies onboard. It would give the automaker to experiment with design opportunities. Sans the IC engine and accessories, there will be a frunk storage spot.

The teaser video shows technologies such as multi-power port, biometric facial recognition to unlock the SUV, dynamic tire pressure for off-roading adventures, peer-to-peer charging etc. Also, it will have the ability to connect with a drone.

The future Jeep EVs would also get autonomous off-road capabilities, remote vehicle tracking, self-driving technology etc.

Jeep's journey started back on July 15, 1941, when the erstwhile Willys-Overland Co. signed an agreement with the US War Department to begin production of the first military Jeep vehicle. The famous Willys Jeep played a key role behind the allied forces' victory in the second world war. Jeep vehicles were used vehemently by allied forces around the world in European, African and Asian war fronts during the second world war.

Since then Jeep has been a synonymous brand when it comes to offroading. In the recent past, with the growing focus on electric mobility and the increased popularity of SUVs, Jeep is exploring new business dimensions to ready its vehicles for greener future mobility.

  • First Published Date : 15 Jul 2021, 03:18 PM IST