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The wait for the F1-powered Mercedes-AMG One hypercar has been indeed long but new developments suggest that it has been absolutely worth it. First showcased as a Project One Concept at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, the street-legal hypercar is about to get real as the car now looks production-ready in a new set of official images revealed by Mercedes-AMG's Instagram page.

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It was initially slated to be launched in 2109 but numerous technical issues mainly due to the emissions certification issues surrounding the vehicle's 1.6-liter F1-inspired V6 engine plug-in hybrid engine kept the project on hold. Also, not to forget, the pandemic also contributed its bit in delaying the project which is said to finally reach owners by the end of 2021.

The new official images of the One throws light on its exterior features. As per the description, Mercedes wants to remind that its upcoming hypercar packs F1-inspired technology, including hybrid systems.

Mercedes-AMG One will be limited to just 275 units worldwide.
Mercedes-AMG One will be limited to just 275 units worldwide.

While none of the images reveal the picture underneath, but they are clear enough to delineate the aggressive stance and active aero components embedded around the body - from vents in the wheel arches to the rear wing. Goes without saying, the massive center spine of the hypercar is there for pure function and is a key feature of the One's shape.

Under the hood, the wild exterior shape of One is complemented by something equally imposing. There is a 1.6-liter V6 engine that's borrowed from the Mercedes F1 W06 Hybrid racer and revs up to 11,000 rpm. While the official output figures aren't known at the moment, but reports suggest that it is capable of churning out blistering 1,000 hp. It is also said to be among the best handling and quickest cars to be ever built for public roads.

Sadly, its sticker pricing of nearly $3 million will make it too expensive and it is also said to be limited to just 275 units which is going to break the hearts of many waiting to get their hands on it.

Source: Mercedes-AMG via Instagram