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Porsche is looking at staring the electric revolution in the face and is backing its Taycan EV to chart a course for it in what is a new order in the world of global mobility. And while Taycan has the right credentials of marrying performance with clean energy, the iconic sports maker knows that to stay relevant and stay strong in this relatively new game, more offerings may be the best bet. Reports now suggest that Porsche is considering an all-electric Panamera which could perhaps bolster its prospects on the lines of what Taycan hopes to do.

Porsche recently unveiled the 2021 Panamera which would also offer a plug-in hybrid option. This, along with an astoundingly powerful Turbo S, seeks to propel Panamera further on the race track and beyond. But all-electric energy may truly be the ultimate direction. "We have to think where are the markets going and we have to now follow what’s happening with our Taycan – our smaller limousine in terms of battery electric vehicles – and then we will see in the future what is happening," Porsche product line vice-president Dr. Thomas Friemuth was quoted as saying by Australia's GOAuto.


2894 cc|Petrol|Automatic (Dual Clutch)
Ex-showroom price
₹1,60,46,000* Onwards


2925 cc|Diesel|Automatic (Torque Converter)
Ex-showroom price
₹2,42,08,800* Onwards


4395 cc|Petrol|Automatic (Torque Converter)
Ex-showroom price
₹1,54,90,000* Onwards

So will a Panamera electric stand alongside or in the face of the battery-powered Taycan? "Panamera is luxury sedan and a sportscar and a big car with a lot of roominess and interior space and so on to drive long distance comfortably with four adults," explained Friemuth. "When you see the Taycan, you will vastly imagine that this is a different car – we don’t see much overlap from the customer perspective between Panamera and Taycan."

And an all-electric Panamera may just be what the market ordered considering that 60% of all Panamera sold in Europe last year were plug-in hybrids.