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Okinawa e-scooter with a customer 'Honeycomb' hand paint job.
Okinawa e-scooter with a customer 'Honeycomb' hand paint job.

Okinawa launches hand-painted designs for its e-scooters

  • The custom hand-painted themes on the Okinawa e-scooters cost an additional 15,000 over the scooter's original price.

In order to keep the customers engaged and kick-start sales back again, Okinawa on Wednesday announced new custom hand painting service for its electric scooters.

The company said that the scooters boast various premium looking hand-painted custom themes which are done by professional artists. Every theme sports a different pattern and has been designed to highlight some particular details on the scooter.

Moreover, to further give its scooters a personalized touch, the customers can also get their initials painted. Some of the newly launched hand-painted themes include Crystal, Chameleon, Superhero, Patina, Honeycomb and more. These custom hand-painted themes cost an additional 15,000 over the retail price of the e-scooter.

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“Okinawa has been promoting the 'Make in India' ideology in the sector. The new service providing custom hand painted designs on the e scooters is another step towards the same. One can have colour and design of their choice on their scooter. The service is provided by multiple brands across the globe. We are glad to introduce this offering to Indian audience," said Jeetender Sharma- MD, Okinawa.

The company says that the hand painting service can be easily availed through the brand's website. The model/theme can thus be selected and the delivery can be obtained through the nearest dealership.

Okinawa has also announced that it will launch its first fully-electric bike, the Oki100, in the Indian market soon. It can touch a top-speed of 100 kmph and will employ a lithium ion battery base. The company first came with a prototype of the bike at the Auto Expo 2018. It is slated to arrive in the third quarter of the financial year 2021-21.

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The brand has also recently raised its dealer margins to 11% on each sale. (Full details here)

  • First Published Date : 27 May 2020, 04:27 PM IST