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Ather Energy has started delivering Ather 450X in Coimbatore and Trichy.
Ather Energy has started delivering Ather 450X in Coimbatore and Trichy.

Ather Energy begins delivery of Ather 450X in Coimbatore and Trichy

  • Earlier this month, Ather also started to deliver the Ather 450X scooters in Delhi as well after a long delay.

Indian electric scooter manufacturer Ather Energy has started to deliver Ather 450X in two more cities. The company issued a statement today, saying the 450X electric scooters can now be received or booked for test-rides in Coimbatore and Trichy.

With a strong footprint already in Chennai, Ather Energy has now expanded to three cities in Tamil Nadu, where its facility is located.

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Along with test rides, Ather Energy is also going to offer experience centres in the next couple of weeks where people of Coimbatore and Trichy can learn about the features of the vehicle and understand different ownership and purchase models on offer.

To cope up with the growing demand, Ather Energy has already set up five fast-charging points Ather Grids in Coimbatore and two fast-charging points in Trichy. The company assured that there will be more charging points in the coming months in both cities. So far, the electric two-wheeler manufacturer has already set up more than 120 public fast charging points across 18 cities in India.

Ravneet Singh Phokela, Chief Business Officer at Ather Energy, said, "Tamil Nadu as a market has shown us immense potential, taking our count to 3 cities in the state. Due to multiple government interventions, the awareness and acceptance of EVs have been higher in TN compared to any other state. The dealer responses were truly commendable, which was one of the main reasons to begin operations in Coimbatore and Trichy earlier than planned. Rajdurai's E-Vehicles Pvt Ltd and Vela Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. have been of great help and support in expediting the process. We will soon open our Experience Centers in these cities, meanwhile, consumers can enjoy the test-rides and pre-order the 450X."

The Ather 450X is powered with a 6kW PMSM motor, a new 2.9 kWh lithium-ion battery, and comes with 4 riding modes. In addition to Eco, Ride, and Sport, Ather has introduced a new high-performance mode, 'Warp'. Ather 450X can go from zero to 40 kmph in just 3.3 sec in Warp mode, making it the quickest scooter in the 125cc category. The Ather 450X can also charge 50% faster than before at 1.5-km per minute, making it the fastest charging rate in the electric two-wheeler category.

Ather 450X also has a 4G SIM card and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing riders to manage phone calls and music on the touchscreen dashboard. The new 7-inch touchscreen dashboard comes with a Snapdragon Quad-Core processor. It utilises Android Open Source to offer Google map navigation, on-board diagnostics, and other unique features like Over-the-air updates.

The ex-showroom price for the Ather 450X is 1,60,796 in Coimbatore and Trichy.

  • First Published Date : 19 Apr 2021, 02:06 PM IST