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Photo courtesy: Mercedes-Benz
Photo courtesy: Mercedes-Benz

Tech-enabled cars priority but data privacy paramount for Mercedes

  • Mercedes Me Service is now available in as many as 36 countries and the number will rise to 40 by the end of the summer.

  • Mercedes says drive capabilities of vehicle and tech services will go hand-in-hand.

At a time when cars across segments and price brackets are focusing on technology services almost as much as the vehicle itself, Mercedes-Benz wants to stand apart from the crowd and is pushing forward to carve a niche for itself in how customers get to interact with their vehicles. The German luxury car brand introduced a new generation of app-based products and services on Tuesday and a day later, Mathias Vaitl - Head of Mercedes Me & Digital Services Business at Daimler AG - explained that while tech-based services are inevitable, data privacy of users is of utmost importance too.

Mercedes announced that its three Mercedes Me apps - Mercedes Me, Mercedes Me Store and Mercedes Me Service - are available for download with immediate effect at the Google Play Store and App Store. Vaitl said it is part of the car company's endeavour to further add to the level of convenience that a customer can have with regards to his/her vehicle. "It is fast becoming a lifestyle choice. We have over 2 million downloads so far of our apps and nearly 200,000 people interact with the app daily," he said, before adding that data privacy is an area that gets close attention as well. "For us, data privacy of customers is extremely important. We recommend and our user manual also highlights how one should erase his or her data when selling a car. This way, the new owner does not have access to your data and you don't have access to the vehicle any longer."

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Ex-showroom price
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₹2,42,08,800* Onwards

Underlining that the drive dynamics of a Mercedes vehicle and the technology services offered go and will go hand-in-hand, Vaitl also said that the response from Mercedes customers for such services are robust. "These make for an even more attractive customer experience," he said.

The Mercedes Me app has existed for some time now but the slew of updates announced on Tuesday are a way for the company to set itself apart from other players. Car makers are increasingly equipping their vehicles with technology that allows for controls to be ported straight to and from smartphones. Vaitl says that almost every major market of Mercedes has seen a positive response.

And as mass-market players continue to try to bridge the technology gap, Mercedes appears set to go into the fast track and ensure its cars not only maintain a healthy distance in terms of luxury and drive capabilities on offer but the technology services presented as well.

  • First Published Date : 05 Aug 2020, 01:14 PM IST